Hallmarks of Effective Whistleblower Hotline Program

Ensuring corporate accountability is no small feat. At the heart of this mission lies an efficient Whistleblower Hotline Program. But how can one distinguish a truly effective program from one that's merely for show?

In this video, we explore the distinguishing features of a top-tier Whistleblower Hotline Program:

🔹 Employee Empowerment: Dive into how the best programs make employees feel safe, heard, and proactive in bringing forward their concerns.

🔹 Appropriate Call Volume: Learn why the number of calls should align with the size and intricacy of the business, and why this metric is vital.

🔹 Responsive Inquiries: Discover the importance of having a responsive system in place post-allegations, ensuring every concern gets the attention it deserves.

🔹 Action on Recommendations: Unveil the significance of not just receiving but actively incorporating the findings and recommendations post-investigation.

Join us to understand and benchmark against the hallmarks of truly effective Whistleblower Hotline Programs, and ensure your organization is not just ticking boxes but genuinely upholding its ethical standards.

What: Main Video Whistleblower Hotlines & Procedures

  • Case Study
  • Whistleblower Call Trends
  • Whistleblower Call Procedures
  • The Goal of Whistleblower Hotlines
  • Training
  • Best Practices

Who: Greg Massa - Global Director for Partner Engagement —- Mark Jenkins - Director of Forensic Investigations