Brand Protection Managed Services

Profits are routinely impacted by unauthorized third parties on eCommerce platforms that tolerate chaos - unless you take control.

Kreller Brand Protection empowers you to take back – and keep – control of price, brand reputation, and customer loyalty on every marketplace channel so you can grow your business, increase revenue, and wow customers.

Brand Protection team taking down IP infringers

What Makes Kreller Different


Strategic Management

Save time, control margins, and improve better reviews through our client needs-based strategies.

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How We Helped a Client

A leading supplier of Automotive Parts was facing a global unauthorized sales issue and after trying to solve it, came to Kreller for help. We quickly took over to help them decrease Unauthorized Sellers by 93% in just 30 days. Kreller Brand Protection Managed Services helped them regain brand control through a series of customized steps:

Global map that shows key offenders
Global map of key offenders we contained
Map of offenders that are now controlled


Assess sellers and IP authorization. Conduct test buys to confirm counterfeits and establish a legal foundation for enforcement.


Issue warning and cease-and-desist letters to prevent entry and eliminate threats.


Enforce IP against infringers and continuously monitor digital marketplaces.

How Are Rogue Sellers Affecting YOUR Brand?

If you don’t have a managed brand protection program in place, odds are you are losing sales to unauthorized resellers and at risk of losing customer trust. Request a free Financial Impact Report to gain visibility into the extent of your problem.


People Empowering People

Expert-led. Technology-enabled. Outcome-driven.

Our Human Difference. More Than Technology.

For more than 30 years, Kreller has empowered our customers across the globe by providing the mission-critical information they need to make smarter decisions, improve revenue opportunities, and minimize risks.

We are not an automated software solution; our Brand Protection experts – investigators, analysts, and dedicated account managers – work as an extension of your team every step of the way. From developing brand control strategies, communicating pricing policies, and actioning takedowns right to continued analysis of 24/7 eCommerce monitoring, we go beyond software to help you regain brand control.

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Dedicated Specialists

Your dedicated account manager (and client portal) will provide regular reporting on all rogue seller activity, enforcement actions, and outcomes.

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Investigators & Analysts

Leveraging over 30 years of global experience, Kreller investigators and analysts will uncover and take down even the most sophisticated unauthorized resellers.

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Powered by Technology

Technology agnostic, Kreller utilizes a powerful suite of technologies purpose-built to achieve optimal results across the marketplaces channels.


A brand's most powerful asset is its Intellectual Property and it is the duty of the owner to protect it. Selling products online opens up a floodgate for rogue sellers to damage your reputation, steal your sales, erode your pricing and margins, and hinder your ability to grow.

Angie Dillon

Director of Sales

Want To Learn More?

Let’s schedule a call and discuss how we can help you take back control of eCommerce.

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End-to-End Solutions

Control price, presence, and reputation across marketplaces.

Take Control of eCommerce, Don’t Let It Control You.

With investigative expertise supported by cutting-edge technologies, Kreller Brand Protection Managed Services will quickly disrupt key perpetrators undermining your brand positioning and eating your revenue.

Wherever they exist - behind P.O. boxes, shell companies, or name changes  - and however they operate, we will find them, online and off, so you can keep control of your price, quality, and brand reputation.

Maximum Brand Protection
Illustration of controlling web presence

Control Your Presence

Controlling your presence requires more than just submitting a brand IP infringement through Amazon’s Brand Registry every time a rogue seller appears. We effectively disrupt unauthorized resellers, grey marketeers, counterfeiters, and other trademarks, IP, and copyright infringers with takedowns including support of legal actions across the globe.

Illustration of identifying and eliminating IP offenders

Identify and Eliminate

While monitoring marketplace activities to identify and remove key offenders is an important first step, our online Brand Protection services deliver the capabilities needed to help continually establish and communicate your brand policies and enforce them everywhere they are infringed. Our specialty is eliminating unauthorized sellers from unauthorized platforms.

We protect your brand against the most sophisticated unauthorized activity both online and offline.

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Managed distribution of pricing and brand policies

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Monitoring invoices for unauthorized changes

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Performing test buys and onsite purchases

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Issuance of warning and cease-and-desist letters

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Unauthorized Seller takedowns

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Legal filing support including trademark and IP filings

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Undercover surveillance of illicit operations to disrupt unauthorized supply of product

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Locating service addresses for delivery of notices including personal service

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Coordination with local law enforcement

Recapture the Buy Box. Improve margins. Gain customer and authorized seller trust.

Kreller Brand Protection Managed Services enable you to take back – and keep – control of your price, margins, quality, and brand reputation cost effectively. Kreller will monitor, contain, and eliminate unauthorized reseller activity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Maybe we can answer it here

Can anything be done about unauthorized sellers?

Yes. eEnforce deals exclusively in removing sellers not authorized to list or sell your legitimate products(s) on the 3p marketplaces. Brands with a properly structured US trademark under the Lanham Act have the right to defend their trademark and restrict the illegal use of that trademark in the advertisement or sale of their product(s)

Why won’t Amazon help?

Amazon’s policy classifies these as distribution-related disputes between two companies—it would therefore be inappropriate for Amazon to get involved. Amazon also makes more than half their revenues from third-party sellers, so it does not make financial sense for them to restrict these sellers.

How are these unauthorized sellers getting our products?

Most brands have perpetual inventory leakage from their supply chains. It can come from distributors, large retail presences, retail arbitrage, freight theft, liquidation, or large-scale returns from major retailers. eEnforce helps brands isolate what products are at highest risk and then provides identifications and locations of unauthorized sellers of these products.