New DOJ Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs

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Kreller Group
May 1, 2019

Yesterday the Department of Justice announced the release of updated guidance on corporate compliance programs. We are still evaluating the new guidance and what has changed, but we wanted to be sure all of our clients and readers were aware that there is new information from the DOJ on what compliance programs should look like and how they should work.

Compliance programs for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-corruption laws can be essential to a corporation in preventing corruption and other problems that could potentially lead to litigation and fines. Additionally, a company with an effective and well designed compliance program is likely to be looked on more favorably by prosecution should they find themselves involved in litigation related to a rogue employee or business associate. An effective compliance program shows prosecutors and officials that the company is, and has, worked to prevent problems. Smith Brandon International is always working to learn more about how best to set up effective compliance programs so that we can help our clients to be sure they are doing all they can to defend against corruption.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement has been trending upward for some time now. Smith Brandon International can offer our clients our expertise in the FCPA and setting up effective compliance programs. If you need help setting up an FCPA compliance program, if you just want someone to take a look at your current program, or if you need help you with some specific aspect of your program; Smith Brandon International offers FCPA Compliance consulting and many other services (such as Due Diligence, or Corporate Investigations) that can be part of an effective compliance program. Call Smith Brandon International today.

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