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International Due Diligence & FCPA Due Diligence: Updates from Kreller GroupKreller Group Media Resource Guide

Kreller Group Presenting to University
of Arizona: Ethics in Business

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Complimentary Risk Analysis
Press Release - September 17, 2014

GRC-Daily/Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Partnership Formed to Expand MENA Services - July 14, 2014 

Partnership Formed to Expand MENA Services - July 15, 2014

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 
Mitigating FCPA Risk and Issues to Consider in Conducting Investigations
Tom Engelhart/Mike Koehler, The FCPA Professor. [View Article]

Investigators: Compliance, M&A, JV, Due Diligence  
Scott Shaffer, Vice President of Due Diligence, [View Article]

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 
The Power and Protection of Reliable Information
Josh Logan, Global Due Diligence Consultant,  [View Article]

Franchising World
Making the Case for Due Diligence
Scott Shaffer, Vice President of Due Diligence, [View Article]

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Insights into due diligence and compliance.
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Complimentary Business
Risk Assessment

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Kreller Group Anti-bribery & anti-corruption complianceGlobal Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering at the Halfway Point—As we approach the middle of 2015, the threat of bribery and corruption continues to...
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In the competitive world of due diligence services, Kreller consistently provides high-quality and comprehensive reports. I regularly recommend Kreller to compliance professionals who need professional, cost-effective and timely due diligence investigations around the globe. Kreller representatives are responsive and solution-oriented to meet the client’s needs.

-Michael Volkov, Attorney, Volkov Law Group

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