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Merger & Acquisition
Joint Venture | Due Diligence Case Study

The case studies below illustrate how Kreller serves its clients in partnership, joint venture and business merger research investigations.

Due to the covert nature of the industry, client names are proprietary; however, the following case study represents a cross section of international investigations recently conducted on behalf of Kreller clients.

M&A Due Diligence Latin AmericanLatin America, Energy
A venture-capital client was approached by two well-known individuals from the energy sector in a large Latin American country.  The two individuals were to serve as financier and broker for a large cooperative investment with the client supplying a large amount of capital.  Upon research, Kreller discovered that one of the subjects had recently been indicted for fraud and money laundering.

The subject and his attorney stated that all charges had been dropped.  As it was an ongoing case, Kreller's local agent confirmed that they were not able to adjudicate the findings without direct contact with the courts.  The subject’s attorney escorted Kreller's local agent to the local official’s offices, who confirmed that the case had been dismissed, and the individual in question had been cleared of all charges. 

As a result of Kreller's  in-country presence and expertise, the client was able to move ahead with the venture.

International Investigations for Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions
Due Diligence

We produce a highly detailed description of the purchasee or potential partner in a merger or acquisition for clients to evaluate.
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Joint Venture International Due Diligence

Joint Venture Due Diligence

Joint Venture investigation requires extensive examination and verification of the reputation of a joint venture party.
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Case Study: Middle East
Complimentary Business
Risk Assessment

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What Our Clients Say…

Kreller’s due diligence team has been a valued partner to our company. They have provided comprehensive resources to help us build our international trade compliance program. Their boots-on-the-ground approach to vetting third party vendors has become indispensable. Kreller delivers sound advice on many global issues and their services consistently support our company’s efforts to mitigate risk and manage the expense of ongoing due diligence initiatives.

- K.T. - Director of Corporate Compliance, a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company

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