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FCPA Due Diligence

The Kreller Group understands worldwide enforcement against corrupt business practices continues to intensify. Now more than ever transparency in all transactions is essential. FCPA due diligence investigations must go beyond database inquiries. It is critical for multinational companies to implement FCPA due diligence protocols into corporate wide compliance programs in order to maintain their reputations and stock value.

FCPA due diligence must go beyond desktop software solutions. Kreller offers varying levels of investigations and subsequent reports dependent upon a risk based approach on behalf of clients worldwide. We work with hundreds of Fortune 500 corporations, government and business entities every year to closely scrutinize business endeavors and associations to help mitigate risk and protect revenue.

Our methodology for FCPA due diligence investigations utilizes in-house licensed researchers who collaborate directly with local in-country investigators in over 200 global jurisdictions. Investigators have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, business and government in addition to a comprehensive understanding of local languages, laws, political, social and economic climates of the jurisdictions in which they operate. This expert human analysis along with access to a 1000+ database/external resources allow us to assist clients as they evaluate risk with regard to potential partners, company leadership, third party intermediaries, board members and more.

Findings from our FCPA due diligence reports enable companies to determine when and if a potential business matter or relationship poses a threat to their organization. The Kreller Group empowers clients with actionable intelligence to help them navigate complex transactions and affiliations. This intelligence is inclusive of direct source verification of corporate registration, civil and criminal court records, character and reputation inquires and more.

Kreller investigations have been utilized worldwide since 1988 and continue to be the leading source of actionable intelligence.
FCPA Due Diligence Best Practices

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