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RSVP to gain 1.5 Credits for Ethics CLE.

As companies globalize, merge, acquire – gaining and losing partners and revenue on the way – the myriad of diverse anti-bribery laws and increased governmental enforcement activity can seem like a labyrinth – shifting on the whim of politics and influence. Your responsibilities as legal and compliance professionals are many, yet sometimes vague, and the risks seem endless. Going well beyond anti-corruption, risk areas like privacy, cyber- security, antitrust, environment, and trade, are just the tips of many, many icebergs that you are responsible navigating your company safely through.

We’re here to simplify – and help you map a program that might (almost) be as simple as a "strong corporate compliance program" sounds.

Please join us for a breakfast event series as Tom Fox, Principal at Tom Fox Law and author of the renowned FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog, and Stephen Martin, managing Director of Baker & McKenzie Compliance Consulting and also a former Federal and State Prosecutor discuss the following:
  • Overviews of recent governmental enforcements
  • Recent key FCPA/Anti-Corruption cases: what went wrong, red flags, and lessons learned
  • Practical advice about establishing and maintaining a comprehensive compliance program

When: September 11, 2012, 8:00am-10:00am

Where: University Club of Chicago: The Millenium Room, 76 E. Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois

Price: Entirely Free (with complimentary copy of Tom Fox's acclaimed book: Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics)

Ethics CLE Credits: 1.5
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