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With tickets (and breakfast) on us, Kreller invites compliance professionals in the Seattle area to meet us in the Washington Room in the Columbia Tower on March 14, 8am-10am.

The speaking attorneys include:
  • Stephen Martin, Managing Director of Baker & McKenzie Compliance Consulting and former Federal and State Prosectuor
  • Marc Litt, the lead prosecutor in the notorious Bernie Madoff case & current Partner at Baker & McKenzie

As we review 2012, we'll discuss practical tips for managing the increasing corporate global compliance risks for 2013.

Please join us to hear the insights and conversation.

  Sorry! This seminar is over. Please send us your contact information if you'd like to be invited the next time we come to Seattle.
  Columbia Tower‚Äč

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As a compliance professional, your responsibilities are countless. When companies interact abroad, the myriad of increased governmental enforcements can seem like a shifting labyrinth, shuffling on the whims of politics and influence.  

While you map out your compliance course, it's time to incorporate some navigation strategies from the masters.
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