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Publicly Traded Company- Board of Directors Appointee

Challenge: We were tasked with verifying the applicant’s education, employment, financial background, corporate affiliations, and civil/criminal history.

  1. Initial employee screening research revealed no history of personal civil/criminal matters.
  2. All employee background check information including the applicant’s Name, Address, Date of Birth, ID Number and Passport were verified as legitimate.
  3. Previous employment and corporate affiliations were verified; however, the applicant was also determined to have been a Director of two additional companies, not disclosed on the application, that were found to have been dissolved and/or bankrupt in the last three years.
  4. The applicant’s undergraduate degree was verified; however, the reported Master’s Degree was found to have been obtained from a “diploma mill” that is currently under fraud investigation in the United States.
Result: Based upon discrepancies that showed a difference in the results obtained and the information provided by applicant, our client decided not to appoint this individual.
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