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We’re Well-Versed in Modern Compliance.

The age of Compliance has arrived. Large-scale Fraud and Corruption is an unfortunate side effect of a twenty-first century, globalized economy. And with the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Policy Act (FCPA) enforced at record numbers, your company’s reputation and stock value is at stake if the right compliance measures aren’t taken: specifically, proper Due Diligence Investigations. Routine third-party vetting is imperative—and not just for compliance standards, but for company survival. In light of our shifting global landscape, understanding this is critical for survival.

Due Diligence Will Shield You from Prosecution.

Due Diligence is the key to a healthy compliance program—and that having a healthy, functioning compliance program will not only prevent corruption, but will save you from prosecution; this fact was solidified last summer, for the Morgan Stanley by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

However, not all of Due Diligence Services are created equal.

Get Fresh: True Due Diligence Means Investigating Beyond the Dusty Database.

We know that Proper Due Diligence goes far beyond routinely checking database systems and assessing if red flags were generated. Rather, it requires thorough, on-the-ground investigations, done by agents local to the area of your investigation.  We believe that extra mile is critical, because, yes, we think it’s a safe idea (and we happen to be the best in the business), but also because it secures your company’s reputation and resources—which are exposed to both fraud risk and government scrutiny (and punishment).

Moreover, we know that the most poisonous fraud is conducted discreetly, under the radar. Something no database will track.

With our global coverage, we’ll secure your company.

Worldwide, Kreller works with the best in the military, law enforcement, businesses, and government.   All of our agents have a firsthand, local understanding of languages, laws, politics and economic climates—and because of this, we have access to information in every country, allowing us to gain global intelligence anywhere—even the hard to reach areas like Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, China, India, and Iraq. All of our information found by our on-the-ground agents in these countries are thoroughly analyzed by our in-house licensed investigators, giving you a comprehensive report—not a series of generated lists.

Now is the Time.

As the FCPA is heightening enforcements, it’s important to note that other countries are beginning to see the value in international corruption laws, and are beginning to create or enforce their own laws. In other words, Compliance isn’t going away – and you have the opportunity to initiate the protection your company needs, and what the world will soon require.
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