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Scandals at Ohio State University: Hire Education
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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OSU Becomes School for Scandals
Ohio State University has had a scandal-ridden summer. Early this month, head football coach Urban Meyer was placed on paid leave after a longtime assistant coach was fired amid spousal abuse allegations.

And in July, Congressman Jim Jordan was implicated in a controversy regarding events that took place during his tenure as an assistant wrestling coach for the school. It is alleged that the state representative may have turned a blind eye while one of the team physicians, Dr. Richard Strauss, was reported to have conducted himself inappropriately with a number of players on the team.

CNN covers the list of recent OSU controversies in this article online.

Background Checks Critical for High Profile Hires
At The Kreller Group we have found that public relations nightmares – such as the ones experienced by OSU - can be avoided if in-depth background checks are included as part of the hiring process.

We provide a thorough investigation for our clients when they need to make high profile hiring decisions. Our team reviews not only criminal and civil records, but also researches a candidate’s business affiliations, licensure and address history. We often find UNIDENTIFIED employers, professional connections and legal incidents that might not appear on an application/resume or cursory review.  Recently, Kreller was able to eliminate a criminal record name match for an assault record by obtaining additional information from the court and arresting agency to prove the record was for a person of a different race and date of birth. This record had been reported as a MATCH  by another well-known investigative company. 

If you are looking to make a major hiring decision, and want to proceed with increased confidence, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss how Kreller can help.

And to learn more about Kreller's suite of investigative and due diligence capabilities, contact Scott Shaffer directly at | 513.723.8011.


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